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a technicolor rainbow kiss
20 December 1984
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Hey there! I'm Jen. Just your average disaffected twenty-something muddling her way through life and this thing we jokingly refer to as 'the real world'.

Everything! ...okay, maybe not. But close to it. Particularly movies, music, and anything that could be construed as 'nerdy'. Don't be afraid to flail at me about whatever tickles your fancy.

journal info
This journal is primarily for fic-posting and other fandom-related business. It is partially friends-locked. Fic is almost always public, but most other things aren't. It's just less cluttered that way.

friending policy
Feel free to add this journal if you so desire. If you'd like to be friended back, please drop me a comment here. Don't be shy, I love making new friends. :)

I do feel I should warn that my flist is a bit on the crazy side, so I'm not always the greatest commenter. /o\ I'm sorry! I'll try my best though.

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